Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 7/16/19

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 7/16/19


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Jack: It isn't the trip i envy so much as the outlook, the way you -- the way you just take life as it comes, open yourself to every opportunity, the way you went after that book. You waited for inspiration, and when it came, you followed where it led. I should take a lesson or two from you.

Traci: Oh, no. That's a terrible idea.

Jack: Is it?

Traci: Jack, a-a person should be true to their own nature.

Jack: Okay. And what's mine?

Traci: Well, you are a hard-charging, driven businessman. You are one of the most determined people I have ever known, and you, jack abbott, are the power of intention personified.

Jack: I don't know if that's good or bad.

Traci: [ Laughing ] No, it's you. It's you. It's the kind of person you are. You are never happier than when you are bending reality to your will. And if you're feeling a little at loose ends lately -- and from what you've said and how you've said it, I think you are -- it's only because you're between challenges.

Jack: Well, I guess that's one way of looking at it.

Traci: Jack, oh my gosh! Look what you just accomplished! You set jabot back up on its feet -- a major miracle! And, at the same time, you developed this amazing treatment program in neil's honor, helping musicians battle their addictions. That's saving lives!

Jack: That part's easy. That's what neil would have wanted.

Traci: Yes. But I'm proud of you, jack. And I am waiting with bated breath to see what you take on next. It will be epic and nearly impossible because that's just how you roll.

Jack: I need a new mountain to climb.

Traci: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Question is, which one?

Traci: Well, the tallest one, of course.


Jill: Cane told me that you and your sisters had to put dina in a memory-care facility. I'm so sorry, honey.

Jack: Yeah. We tried to keep her at home as long as we could, but when she got too frightened and disoriented to cope with life there, I --

Jill: [ Sighs ] My heart really goes out to you. It's hard enough to lose somebody all at once, but bit by bit, day by day? I mean, that must be torture.

Jack: Yeah, we still get occasional brief glimpses of the woman she once was, but... those are rarer and rarer now.

Jill: You know, every once in a while, I have an occasional visit from katherine in my dreams. And it isn't the real thing, but at least it's a small comfort.

Jack: Funny you should mention that. I keep seeing dina in mine -- a much younger dina, and we have heart-to-hearts that... I'm not sure could ever happen again.

Jill: Really? And what does this dream version of dina have to say to you?

Jack: Oh, nothing that comforting. That was never her strong suit.

Jill: [ Laughing ] No, it never was.

Jack: She keeps pushing me, though. To do what, I-I don't know. She hasn't said. But... she keeps asking me what do i want?

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