Y&R Best Lines Thursday 6/21/18

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 6/21/18


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Summer: When I'm right, I'm right. I told you you had a good thing in arturo. No, no need to thank me. But, yes, I would love a glass of champagne.

Arturo: We were --

Abby: No. Actually, you'll have to seek free drinks elsewhere, and I think we'll pass on the pleasure of your company.

Summer: Well, then you're missing out, because I've got plans for a very fun night.


Abby: Well, most people hit that stage five minutes after they meet.

Arturo: Oh. So, we're in the slow lane?

Abby: We are another happy couple that people love to see or they love to hate. But, hey, even the haters make it fun.

[ Laughs ]

Arturo: You do have a unique view on the world.

Abby: Mmm. And I have 100,000 followers, so you should consider it an honor.

Arturo: To be posted alongside with the amazing kale salad you had for lunch? I don't know if "honor" is the right word, but...

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