Y&R Best Lines Thursday 7/22/21

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 7/22/21


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Amanda: Yeah, it has been a journey. But for all the moments of shock and pain, there's also been some moments of positivity. I met my sister and my mother, and I’ve learned to lean on the people closest to me for support. I even found support in some unexpected places.

[ Chuckles ] Victor Newman himself.

Michael: [ Laughs ] Well, nobody can push someone’s buttons quite like he can.

Faith: I love this picture. I know I keep saying that. Sick of hearing it yet?

Moses: [ Chuckles ] No.

Faith: I’m totally posting this and making it the wallpaper of my phone and my laptop and maybe even my room. Kidding. Sort of.

Moses: Nah, do whatever you want with it.

Faith: I’m still in awe that I got to meet them. Backstage passes — can you believe it? Wait, what are the odds that your brother would walk in with… wait a second. That wasn’t a coincidence, was it? You set the whole thing up!


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