Y&R Best Lines Monday 7/19/21

Y&R Best Lines Monday 7/19/21


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Johnny: Are you mommy’s friend?

Ashland: I’m Mommy’s close friend, yes, and I hope maybe we can be close friends, too.

Katie: Do you like to play dolls?

Ashland: I happen to love playing dolls. Maybe we can do that, as well.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] So Ashland's going to be staying with us for a little while, and you guys are gonna be spending more time at your dad’s house while he’s here.

Ashland: I hope that’s okay with you guys.

Johnny: We like it at Daddy’s.

Victoria: Good. I know you do. That’s good. I think that this is gonna work out good for all of us. right?

Sally: Ooh, I am glad to see you. I need your advice.

Jack: About what?

Sally: Whipped cream or foam?

Jack: That’s easy. Neither.

Sally: Oh, so you’re a “None of the above” guy.

Jack: Most decisions in life are not binary choices.

Sally: You’re even turning “whipped cream versus foam” into a life lesson?

Jack: I’m kind of a purist when it comes to coffee drinks.

Sally: Okay, can you just clear this up for me? Are we having just some friendly and slightly awkward banter, or are we actually, like, building until you get to the point where you actually ask me out again?

Jack: How about tonight?

Sally: Yeah. I think I can make some room in my schedule.

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