Y&R Best Lines Thursday 11/28/19

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 11/28/19


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Abby: At the very least, you're incompetent.
Phyllis: And this is coming from our tech wiz who doesn't know a server link from a sausage link.
Abby: But I do know that a brand-new security system should actually provide security.


Phyllis: All right, Abby, you caught me.
Abby: Walk away, Phyllis, before all of your dirty laundry is aired.
Phyllis: Oh! That's been done, like, a million times.
Abby: Why don't I buy you out? Or you can keep your 25%, and I will just write you a big, fat check every week.
Phyllis: I'm gonna take a hard pass on that. I like it here too much. And all the guests love me.
Abby: That's really sad. That's sad, that the only people that enjoy your company are strangers that you meet at work. But, hey, maybe if you weren't such a lying, conniving bitch, you'd have some actual friends.
Phyllis: Wow. And maybe if you didn't have that nasty streak, all the men that you've fallen in love with wouldn't have dumped you or cheated on you, or both.
Abby: Do you one job, Phyllis. Or don't. I don't think it'll make any difference at this point.

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