Y&R Best Lines Thursday 1/3/19

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 1/3/19


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Jill: Yeah. We're taking a break from marriage.

Cane: [ Sighs heavily] I can't believe he was that stupid to let you go.

Jill: [ Chuckles ] That's very sweet of you to say -- about me, anyway -- but it wasn't like that. It's really nobody's fault. You know, colin is the same guy I married. He's handsome and witty and fun-loving, and, oh, my god, he's charming as hell. But he can be very infuriating at times. And I'm coming in to the next phase of my life, and the next man I'm gonna be with is... well, will be reliable, rock-solid, somebody I can lean on emotionally, you know?

Cane: Which isn't exactly my dad's wheelhouse.


Jill: You're actually trying to tell me that you think you're a chip off the old colin block? Seriously. What is that about?

Cane: I've been a bit of a disappointment in myself lately. That's all.

Jill: In what way?

Cane: You're nothing without her. You know what they say. I know it's a cliché, but damn if it isn't true. You know, when lily was here, she, uh -- she did so much for this family that I didn't appreciate, and now she's gone. I'm just falling short in so many areas, you know? I mean, the project I told you about -- we're about two months behind on that, and that's cost us millions, and the kids see how stressed out I am, so they don't come to me with their problems until they're in crisis mode. And as far as being a husband goes -- [ Sighs ]

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