Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 11/7/18

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 11/7/18


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Summer: Okay, well, didn't you tell me that we needed to set our personal differences aside and work together?

Kyle: You said my time here was limited because your mother's now the boss.

Summer: Okay, well, I was enjoying her victory.

Kyle: She's making that slightly difficult for anyone named Abbott.


Phyllis: Let me set you straight, okay? What I do, where I do it, and whom I do it with, that is none of your business. And I cannot play games, not when there is so much at stake for me and this company. And I will do whatever it takes, I will be as blunt as I need to be to make you stop living in the past.

Jack: You're sleeping with your ex-husband. I'm living in the past?

Phyllis: Get out.

Jack: Before I go, do not push the Abbotts out, there are thousands of people depending on us to save this place and their jobs. 

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