Y&R Best Lines Friday 2/2/18

Y&R Best Lines Friday 2/2/18


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J.T.: It was brief, but, uh, it was good. Look, she's got a hectic schedule, I understand that.

Phyllis: Oh, you're so enlightened.

J.T.: Didn't get there on my own. I, uh, decided to take your advice, trust that everything's just gonna work out fine.

Phyllis: Well, you just remember that advice was free, so no refunds if it doesn't work out.

J.T.: [ Chuckles ] I can live with that. No, I really appreciated talking to you. I mean, you made me realize i may be expecting too much, putting too much pressure on this, but... I guess I just have this idea of how perfect it can be with someone.


Nikki: That's where you are so charming and agreeable that the other person can't help but drop their guard and be nice right back to you. And then after a while, those negative expectations just melt away like magic.

Reed: Huh. Seems like some cool judo move.

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