Y&R Best Lines Monday 1/22/18

Y&R Best Lines Monday 1/22/18


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Mariah: Why is yesterday's show still on the website?

Hilary: Well, in case you're not aware, it's a big part of our business model to archive episodes. Especially ones as juicy as this one. Take a look -- the ratings are through the roof and climbing.

Mariah: You really think i care about that?

Hilary: You really should go after in-studio guests more often.

Mariah: We have never had a guest before that's plagiarized me by stealing my innermost thoughts, meant only just for me, until now, I guess.


Phyllis: What is he gonna do when he finds out we raided his private pantry?

Billy: Explode. Right after he implodes. It's gonna be messy.

Phyllis: I can see it now. "Gloria! Get in here now!" No, but seriously, what is he gonna do when he connects the dots, okay? Who else but us knows that he keeps this stuff on hand?

Billy: Gloria does, so it's perfect. We just accuse her first. I mean, it's so gloria.

Phyllis: I love that you're enjoying this so much.

Billy: Mm, no, no, no. Enjoying isn't enough. I've been dying to plunder this secret stash for years.

Phyllis: Mm, it's a commendable adult goal.

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