Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 1/16/18

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 1/16/18


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Nick: Uh... I was just thinking about sharon and that family she invited to stay with her.
Mariah: Yes, I know that it's a little different, and even i thought it was a weird mother's-instinct thing when they first got here, but to invite some random family, i mean, not just one person, but
[Chuckles] An entire family into your home, I mean, yeah, it's kind of crazy, but faith is staying at your house now. I'm an adult. And it's sharon's home. I mean, if she wants to help them, that's kind of her call to make, so could you please not be judgey

Lily: You think?
Abby: Mm-hmm.
[ Both laugh ]
Oui. Tres belle.
Lily: Je suis ravi de travailler avec vous.
Aujourd'hui sera merveilleux.
Lily: [ Chuckles ]
Abby: Your accent is so gorgeous. You were here learning french, meanwhile I was in london trying to meet a prince and get myself a crown.

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