Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 12/26/17

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 12/26/17


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Billy: Hey. I saw you from across the park. The way you sprinted that last quarter mile, I thought maybe you saw a family member you didn't want to see.

Jack: See that bench over there? Might be a good place for you to stretch. This one's mine.

Billy: Yeah. I figured you didn't want us around, especially after the way you scrooged ashley.

Jack: I did what I had to do. And I'm not changing my mind


Nikki: A public ceremony to renew our vows. That's pretty good, 'cause then we can control the spin.

Victor: Exactly. And dispel the rumor that we are no longer together and get rid of these very damaging investigations, you know.

Nikki: The legendary couple who have overcome so much to find happiness again. The heart and soul of their community. And they want to give back.

Victor: Something like that. Does that mean it's a yes?

Nikki: It's mutually beneficial.

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