Y&R Best Lines Monday 11/20/17

Y&R Best Lines Monday 11/20/17


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Abby: He's right. You're just being paranoid, and you're scaring me.

Zack: Oh, you should be scared. What did I just tell you? It was simple. Don't lie to me!

[ Laughing ] You think that you're so high and mighty. Truth is, you're no better than the any of the girls on my payroll. You look at me like I'm the big offender here? For what? 'Cause I use sex? So what? You're just as low. You cheated on me, and scott cheated on sharon. You're the real trash! And you both deserve exactly what's coming. Say goodbye, lovers!


Sharon: I agree with lauren. Being out of touch for all those hours, it was absolute hell, but I don't want you to change. You are always going to be my hero.

Lauren: Ugh. Typical sharon. Always going for the dramatic. Of course you would encourage my son to risk his life.

Scott: If I had known you were gonna blame sharon for all this, I would have just stayed in that storage unit.

Lauren: I don't think now is the time for jokes.

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