Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 11/15/17

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 11/15/17


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Scott: What are you doing?

Abby: Making noise. Duh.

Scott: Yeah, I can hear that. Loud and clear. Why are you ruining our eardrums at the same time as ruining any little bit of sleep I was able to get?

Abby: In case someone is walking by. They hear the noise, they investigate, and then they rescue us. You know Morse code, right?

Scott: Abby, you do know I'm a journalist, right, not some overgrown boy scout. And it doesn't matter anyway. Zack left us in the middle of nowhere, so no one's gonna hear you because nobody's coming.

Scott: Still no signal. My battery's running low. [Sighs] What are you looking for?

Abby: Trying to find something so we can MacGyver our way out of this metal box.

Scott: Thought you were positive rescue was imminent.

Abby: I am, but that doesn't mean I can't expedite matters.

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