Y&R Best Lines Thursday 11/9/17

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 11/9/17


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Victoria: I am seeing things with a whole new clarity now that I've eliminated the cheap, poison toxins out of my products.

Jack: And your company is finally billy-free. Cleaned up. Detoxed. Ready for the next chapter. Good for you. I'm sure the fda will back off on you now. I mean, you've been nothing but compliant to this point. Even when they asked to analyze every product in your line. To me, that is a waste of taxpayer dollars.


Hilary: Oh, yes. And that is exactly what they are all doing. Most of them women, and they are cramming my mailbox full of information with all of your different identities. Oh, and look. Some of them have been waiting quite a lo time to find out who the real jordan wilde is.

Jordan: Are you trying to set a speed record for -- for making enemies? Because you really don't want to make one out of me, hilary.

Hilary: Is that supposed to be a threat?

Jordan: Call it whatever you want.

Hilary: Yeah, because after your last one, I have zero regrets about reporting on your personal life. Telling me that you're gonna plaster my nude photos on the web. That was tacky, cruel, and a just plain lie. I scoured the web. I didn't find copies of my compromising photos anywhere. Admit it, jordan. It was just a bluff.

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