Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 11/8/17

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 11/8/17


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Cane: All right, listen, I screwed up my marriage. Don't make me screw up my divorce. Please!

[ Sighs ] What? You judging me? Please don't judge me, okay? I did what any married man would do trying to save his marriage, and I was just trying to let my wife know how much I loved her, okay, and it went sideways. You know, there was a time where, if I was caught up in a tough spot like this, there was a lot of people I could depend on, but... not anymore.

*********************************************************************************************************Mariah: Well, I don't know. Some people keep secrets for good reasons. You know, they don't want to cause any pain. Which is a novel concept to someone like you, who hands out misery like halloween candy. But some people aren't soulless monsters. They prefer to leave the people they care about in peace and keep their mouth shut.

Hilary: Oh, touched a nerve, have we? Are you lying to devon, or is devon lying to you?

Mariah: No, I never said --

Hilary: Oh, please. That was rhetorical. I don't actually care. But I will take you getting all fired up as a sign that I am on the right track. Today's show will touch a big, raw, pulsing nerve as I shine a light on some ugly lies.

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