Y&R Best Lines Friday 11/3/17

Y&R Best Lines Friday 11/3/17


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Nick: Look, am I pissed off that you and your friends snuck into my bar to party? I absolutely am. But is this the time to lecture you about it?

Reed: It's not?

Nick: Look, you just got out of a burning building. How much punishment you looking to fit in tonight?

Reed: There's one thing that you really definitely need to know. I guarantee you there's no way that we started that fire.

Tom: I got a message for you from a hot blonde named Phyllis.

Billy: Phyllis. That's my girlfriend. Or was, maybe I should say.

Tom: We figured as much.

Billy: Is she here? She's supposed to be in Dallas.

Tom: I guess she missed you.

Billy: [Breathing heavily] How's she look?

Tom: [Chuckles] Like a walking fire hazard.

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