Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 10/17/17

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 10/17/17


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Victor: How do you know that seat isn't taken?

Nikki: Well, victor, to be honest, I don't think many people are even speaking to you these days, so... I took a shot.

Victor: That's a hell of a good way to start the day.


Nick: Sharon, you know I'm not some deadbeat dad, all right? I've planned for my kids' future. They're gonna be just fine. I've made sure of that.

Sharon: Not as fine as they would have been yesterday! Nick, why? Why would you have given away all that money?

Nick: Because having that money gave dad the impression he could call all the shots in my life. No money means no shots.

Sharon: And no security blanket.

Nick: I had $500 million for 6 years. It wasn't just sitting in a coffee can buried out in my backyard. I invested with it. I had some healthy returns. Enough that I'm gonna live comfortably. I planned for contingencies. My kids are gonna be just fine. They can go to any school they want, buy homes, money to kick in when they need it. It's all there. Untouched. Even when I'm long gone, sharon, there's gonna be more than enough to go around, all right? I'm not just some handsome face. There is a brain up here.

Sharon: And where was that brain when you made this impulsive, life-altering decision?

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