Y&R Best Lines Monday 10/16/17

Y&R Best Lines Monday 10/16/17


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Abby: What about me? Hm? You didn't want me learning that victor was my father, so you hid it from me, the same way you hid that john abbott wasn't my grandfather!

Ashley: This is my father. John abbott is your grandfather. This is what I've always felt, abby. It's what I've always believed. But I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, honey.


Traci: Ashley, I will say this until it sinks in -- you are not a fraud. You're my sister.

Jack: She's right. Dad raised you. That is all that matters. Now, please sit down, take a deep breath. You're getting all worked up --

Ashley: Jack! I love you so much. You've been so great tonight. Thank you for that. But don't tell me how to feel. This is something that I've hated about myself for so long. And it's cost me. But I thought I-I had it in a bottle, do you understand? I thought I had control over it. I felt confident that the world would always see me as ashley abbott. It's gonna be a real struggle for me to get back to that place now that they're gonna know who I really am.

Traci: We'll help you.

Ashley: Oh! Look... you're saying all the right things. I wish I could be more grateful. I just feel like I'm suffocating. I feel like I can't breathe. This is, what? It's a preview of my life, this pity? You feel sorry for me.

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