Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/5/17

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 10/5/17


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Billy: Okay, can we just let that one go, please?

Victoria: All right, look. Until we find somebody good, you and I are running this thing, so we have to stay positive. No waving the white flag. I mean, especially since we've come this far together.

Billy: You're right. Okay. Sorry about my moment of doom and gloom. I'm all-in on this. Especially right now, with jack stepping back on the men's market. That gives us an opportunity we need to take advantage of. But we still need to find somebody that we can count on for this position.


Ashley: That's so sweet of you. And I'm not gonna fight you on it. I have one quick question, though. I heard your list of names for the guest list, and you left -- you left out our brother.

Jack: The one who hacked into our server?

Ashley: I'm aware of that, jack.

Jack: The one who's downloading proprietary information for another company? That brother?

Ashley: Jack, I'm not gonna say you're wrong for setting billy up by planting fake files for him to find, okay? He crossed a line. I am gonna say, though, that if you leave him off thatst list, he's gonna wonder what you're hiding. Because in fact you are hiding something.

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