Y&R Best Lines Thursday 9/14/17

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 9/14/17


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Nikki: All right. The coast is clear. You can't lie to your mother. You really didn't let her win.

Nick: No, she beat me. The kid's got moves. She sees everything several moves ahead. All skill, she's learned at my father's knee.

Nikki: Well, things could be worse. These skills will come in handy for her as she gets older.

Victoria: There are plenty of lovely young women for reed to go out with. He plays the guitar, for heaven's sake. Girls love that kind of thing.

Michael: [Chuckles] All right. All right. That's a perfect point. Let's consider that, shall we? Even if Reed were allowed to see Mattie, given all the other fish in the sea, what are the chances this relationship would last more than a semester?

Victoria: What if every single one of those days is filled with headaches like today?

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