Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 9/5/17

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 9/5/17


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Hilary: It's about time that your indie pal left. Next time you need a shoulder to cry on, why don't you take it out to the patio? Because we reserve this space for our actual work.

Mariah: Oh, Hilary, how you love to spin. See, I don't cry on shoulders. I make mean little girls run home to their mamas.

Hilary: If that's directed at me, my mother's dead.

Hilary: Come on. Mariah, I know you what's going on between you and Tessa. You're heartbroken because things aren't working out between you and Devon, and your little friend, she's trying to make things all better.

Mariah: You really don't know what you're talking about.

Hilary: Okay. Well, I hate to make things worse for you, but hey, why not? I was gonna tell you this before, but Devon interrupted us.

Mariah: Do you need a map to get to your point?

Nikki: You mean, I may have to actually see Victor?

Nick: That's funny, Mom.

Nikki: Well, thanks for the heads up. Listen, did you get an unexpected delivery at Chelsea's?

Nick: Yes. Did you talk to dad about having Faith's bedroom set sent over?

Nikki: Well, I tried to talk some sense into him. I don't know if I was successful.

Nick: You were.

Victoria: Oh! Well, did you thank Dad?

Nick: What are you, the manners police?

Victoria: No, I'm just hoping for a lessening in hostilities, you know? He made a generous gesture, you show your appreciation, and over time, maybe there will be a tentative truce.

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