Y&R Best Lines Monday 8/14/17

Y&R Best Lines Monday 8/14/17


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Abby: Guess what, paper boy? The design date launch exceeded our expectations. We even outperformed our analyst data. [Laughs] Excuse me. Do you work here?

Scott: Ha. Funny.

Abby: No, that is funny. I seriously thought you were someone else.

Scott: You mean the debonair senior vice president of special projects?

Abby: No. The grungy, smug, under-qualified minion that my dad placed so much misguided trust in.

Mattie: Past tense. My mom told me he's with someone else now.

Hilary: Well, you can -- you can still love someone, even if it's impossible to be with them. You know, just like your parents. Sweetie, I know that Lily's --

Mattie: You have no right to bring up my parents. I'm not talking about this with you, Hilary.

Hilary: I know that you're in pain, okay? Mattie, I know how close you were with your father. And I'm sure that it must have been awful when you realized how badly he screwed up.

Mattie: You're hardly one to judge.

Hilary: Despite what you think of me, I would never hurt you or your brother.

Mattie: If you mean that, then mind your own business. And keep my family's problems off your trashy TV show.

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