Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 8/8/17

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 8/8/17


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Neil: Well, I hope you enjoyed the nickel tour of the Hamilton-Winters group world headquarters. I know it's not exactly palatial, but, you know, it's a start, isn't it?

Ashley: It's a start? Are you kidding me? It's incredible. You know, I knew you were gonna branch off and do something amazing, and I'm so happy for you. Congratulations. To you and Devon.

Neil: Glad you approve.

Ashley: Approve? It's extraordinary!

Neil: Well, well, look at you, spreading butter all over my pancakes.

Billy: Come on. You don't think this is overkill?

Victoria: I think it's a thoughtful and innocent gesture.

Billy: Oh, Benny Hochman does not do innocent, okay? Do you know what this says, Victoria? This says, "I'm sorry that I can't apply my corporate raider skills on your company, but your gorgeous body is fair game."

Victoria: Knock it off, Billy.

Billy: You know what, maybe I should sit down with Benny boy and find out where you are in his plundering to-do list.

Victoria: Okay, I said enough! You don't see me grilling you about Phyllis, do you? When's the last time you two "plundered" each other? Please, tell me all the details and be sure to be as graphic as possible.

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