Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 7/19/17

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 7/19/17


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Abby: Scott, wait. [Sighs] I am sorry. You didn't deserve that.

Scott: [Sighs] Neither did you. I could have been more sensitive. I can be pretty, uh, direct sometimes.

Abby: Sometimes?

Scott: Listen, if this was my family, I'd want to hash it out. I-I wouldn't want to let it fester.

Abby: Yeah, I would love to, believe. I-I would. But that's just not how my family works. When I asked my dad and Victoria what happened last night, they refused to explain.

Dina: Oh, thank heavens! Yes, yes! Where in the world did you find them?

Ravi: Uh, backseat of my car. They must have fallen out of your purse last night.

Dina: Oh, yes. Well, you are a real life saver. I thought I was losing my mind.

Ravi: Oh, I'm -- I'm the same way.

Dina: Really?

Ravi: If I lose visual contact with my phone for more than a few minutes, I get anxious, too. One time I turned my whole office upside down before realizing it was in my jacket pocket.

Dina: [Chuckles] Oh, for heaven sakes. You really know how to make a lady feel good about herself.

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