Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 7/5/17

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 7/5/17


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Charlie: At least I have a life. Who goes to school during the summer if they don't have to?

Lily: Hey, hey, hey. Mattie works very hard, okay?

Mattie: I got invited to take this college course.

Charlie: Some invitation. "Dear Nerd --"

Cane: Hey.

Mattie: Just because you can't spell "advances placement bio --"

Lily: Mattie, please stop.

Charlie: Outside food or beverages aren't allowed.

Reed: It's water.

Charlie: Yeah, well, water's a beverage.

Reed: Dude, I got it at the vending machine out by the locker rooms. Aren't you supposed to be policing the kiddie pool or something?

Charlie: All right, listen, guitar boy, you break the rules, I toss you. You mess with my sister --

Reed: Mattie can handle herself, since she's obviously got the brains in the family.

Charlie: Yeah, which is why it won't take her long to get bored of your wannabe-musician game, just like Zoey did. Hey, I'll tell you said hello, by the way.

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