Y&R Best Lines Monday 6/26/17

Y&R Best Lines Monday 6/26/17


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Mariah: Have you actually read that contract?

Tessa: No. Not yet.

Mariah: Rookie mistake. I mean, he could've had some big group of lawyers throw in some sketchy fine-print thingies.

Tessa: "Fine-print thingies"?

Mariah: Yeah. Of the "sketchy fine-print" variety. Like the party of the first agrees to give the party of the second her firstborn child in perpetuity.

Devon: Did you learn that in law school?

Mariah: Yeah. School of the hard knocks, Mr. Corporate bloodsucker. I'm not gonna let you take advantage of my friend.

Tessa: Okay, guys. Chill. I mean, I appreciate the junkyard-dog routine, Mariah, but I trust Devon.

Devon: It's okay. She is just messing with us...

Mariah: Ah, dang it!

Devon: ...Is what she's doing.

Mariah: Busted! Was it "thingies"? I couldn't think of the right word.

Devon: Eh, it was all of it. But you --

Tessa: You're a stand-up guy. Mariah wouldn't be with you otherwise. And I totally trust her.

Mariah: Well, thank you. But if it doesn't work out, don't sue me.

Tessa: Hey, hey, hey. Why are we missing the positivity here?

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