Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 5/24/17

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 5/24/17


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Ashley: Did I miss the latest sales report? No. So this has to do with Billy and the hockey-league fiasco, right?

Jack: Now that Brash & Sassy has been put in the penalty box, we're gonna have to turn up our offense and put a biscuit in the basket.

Ashley: Put a what in the what?

Jack: It's a hockey term.

Ashley: Okay.

Jack: Put a puck in the net.

Ashley: Just really great, Jack.

Jack: Score a goal!

Ashley: Okay! Enough with the sports lingo, please. And besides, you shouldn't be dancing on somebody's grave until you actually know there is one. Victoria's in Toronto. She's trying to fix this horrible mess. Last time the two of you tangled, you got ejected from the game

Ashley: He's my colleague.

Dina: Oh, like Graham and me?

Ravi: I'll give you guys some privacy. Uh, if you need any notes or need an umbrella, I'll be in my office. It was a pleasure, ma'am.

Dina: Likewise. Ooh-hoo-hoo! La-dee da-dee doo. Seems like you have a young man in your life. Well, I guess we have more in common than I thought.

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