Y&R Best Lines Friday 5/19/17

Y&R Best Lines Friday 5/19/17


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Lily: Good thing you didn't rip my wardrobe. It's a lot more expensive.

Hilary: Really? Hmm. Can't tell. So, it was a pretty good interview today, huh? Who would have thought?

Lily: You sound pleasantly surprised that it didn't suck.

Hilary: Well, I was just worried that my viewers would think that there you were a teensy bit overexposed at the moment.

Lily: No, it was just an ad campaign. It's not like my ex-husband gave me a one-hour syndicated shrine to myself five days a week streaming live on the internet.

Hilary: [Chuckles] You are so funny. You know, if only you were this interesting all of the time, maybe someone would give you your own show.

Lily: No, I'm too busy being paid as a brand ambassador, which involves brandishing a fake smile and pretending to be gal pals with someone who actually makes me sick.

Hilary: [Chuckles] Well, I won't put your limited acting abilities to the test again any time soon. See, I'm gonna be doing interviews with real celebrities, so I won't be able to waste my time with spokesmodels who are shilling for their husband's companies.

Lily: That does not look good.

Billy: I will call the hockey league officials, and I will straighten this out.

Victoria: I'm the C.E.O. I'll be the one to handle this. I already called Hannah and told her that we're canceling the trip to san Diego with the kids. Just go back to Genoa city, and I'll do my best to put out the fire with the hockey league.

Billy: What made you decide to handle it this way?

Victoria: As C.E.O., this falls on me. I should be the one to fix things, not you, Billy.

Billy: And you don't think the league would trust a recovering gambling addict to handle it.

Victoria: You're a big-time, huge hockey fan hanging out with a bunch of players. You could have joked about anything, but you allowed yourself to have a conversation about betting. Now, maybe you didn't think it was serious, but it showed an incredible lack of judgment. I don't know if I can undo this damage, Billy, but this is my business, and I have to try. So I'll see you back at the office. Oh, one more thing. You can come out now, Phyllis! I'm assuming that you've been in L.A. this entire time.

Phyllis: It was my idea to surprise Billy, yes.

Victoria: Well, you should wear less perfume. I could smell it the moment I walked in the room.

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