Y&R Best Lines Thursday 5/18/17

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 5/18/17


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Juliet: Damn. We should have planned a wrap party for the commercial.

Lily: Yeah, you're right. We could have invited the hockey jocks with their teammates, right? I'm sure one of them would be single.

Juliet: Ooh, can't think about partying now. I'd incur my boss's wrath.

Lily: I know. He's a real hard-nose. Never likes to have any fun.

Cane: You're talking about me again, huh?

Hilary: What the hell was that?

Howard: That was me doing what you hired me to do, okay? An exclusive interview almost landed in your lap, and you were just gonna walk away from it. And you may have gotten lucky with your last interview, but what are you gonna follow it up with? You talking for five minutes about what you had for breakfast, or would you rather interview a stunning model whose face is plastered on a billboard right here in L.A. and show footage of a couple of pro athletes? It's a no brainer. We need the jocks, and we need Lily.

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