Y&R Best Lines Friday 5/12/17

Y&R Best Lines Friday 5/12/17


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Hilary: [Chuckles] Well, I'm surprised to see you here without a bodyguard.

Mariah: Oh, come on. Grandiose is your department. Besides, who needs bodyguards? I seem to remember winning our little cat fight.

Victoria: Good. Okay. Let's go over your brother and sister's schedule for the next three days. You're gonna need to get up an hour earlier and make sure that they're fed and dressed, get them to school.

Reed: Okay.

Victoria: Okay? And then when you are done with school, you need to pick them up and take Hannah's place in carpool.

Reed: Carpool?

Victoria: These are very busy kids, Reed. They have activities almost every day. Johnny's got gymnastics. Katie's got dance. They have play dates. There's a birthday party. They're each gonna need a present. And then they have the dentist. It's not their favorite thing in the world, but it's just checkups and cleanings. Unless, of course, there's a cavity. But then you can deal with that, right?

Reed: Yeah, no. Of course, I can, Mom. Um, it's just I've got, like, homework and important stuff like my guitar lessons and -- and other stuff that I have to take care of. Plus, I mean, I wouldn't want to take work from Hannah.

Victoria: Oh, that is so considerate of you, baby. So sweet. Okay, well, listen. Have a stellar set, and if I don't see you back at the house, I'll call you when I get to L.A., okay? Mwah.

Reed: All right. Bye, Mom. Also... is Billy coming to see the kids while you're gone, or...?

Victoria: No, actually, this TV commercial is his idea. So he'll be in L.A.

Reed: Okay. Cool.

Victoria: Yeah, he'll be running the show, and I'll be there to make sure that it works out for all of us.

Reed: Awesome. Well, have fun. Love you

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