Y&R Best Lines Thursday 5/11/17

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 5/11/17


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Abby: I cannot believe you. I cannot believe that you went behind my back and talked to Dad. What I said about Scott, I said in confidence.

Ashley: Your father told you.

Abby: Yeah, he told me. You know, you give me all of this advice about how to handle the situation, and then you hightail it over there to confront him -- why?

Ashley: I've worked with him and lived with him. I know when he's up to something, okay? And you're my daughter. If you tell me that you feel undermined and unappreciated, then, you know what, my mom instincts are gonna kick in.

Ashley: I am not 5 years old. I am a senior executive at a Fortune 500 company.

Ashley: Well, if it's any consolation, Scott didn't mention anything about... having to keep tabs on you.

Abby: Yeah, yeah. Like he's gonna admit that's why Dad hired him.

Ashley: I think he's an honest person. He sees to have a lot of integrity. I can't imagine he'd be involved in some kind of a devious plan like that.

Abby: He owes Dad his life. And he obviously despises me. I'm sure he's drooling at the thought of finding proof that I'm not this trustworthy, loyal daughter.

Billy: I won't say anything unprofessional. You know what, I give you permission to poke me every time I say something unprofessional about cane.

Juliet: Poke you?

Billy: Yeah. Or pinch. You know, either way. Whatever works. Doesn't matter how I feel about him personally. We work here together as a team, and Brash & Sassy's success is most important, even if some of us are willing to take risks. Other ones, specifically from the outback, not really into -- what was that for?

Juliet: I thought that was a test.

Billy: Right. It was. You're a good listener.

Juliet: [Sighs]

Billy: Congratulations. I guess it doesn't take me long to jump on the anti-Cane bandwagon, does it?

Juliet: [Scoffs]

Billy: [Sighs] All right.

Juliet: Thank you for this opportunity.

Billy: For what? Pinch me? Poke me? No problem.

Juliet: [Chuckles] No, to work on the commercial.

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