Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 5/10/17

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 5/10/17


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Abby: I don't know. He says it'll give me experience developing new talent. Translation --

Jack: He thinks you need a babysitter.

Abby: But do you want to know what this is really about? This is about my dad's attitude towards women. Yeah. He doesn't think that us delicate flowers are capable of running a multinational. Yeah, look how he was with Victoria when Adam came back. And now he's pushing me aside. Nick doesn't want the position, so he has a new surrogate son, who, once he's trained, I will be out in the cold, and he will have a new flavor of the month.

Jack: Okay. I understand that you're upset. But there is no way Victor is going to let anyone without the name "Newman" in the top spot. Scott could be brilliant at what he does. He's got the wrong last name. Victor cares more about that than anything else.

Victor: All right, Scott. Oh, by the way, before you go... a little word about your attire.

Scott: Again? What's wrong with this?

Victor: What's wrong with it is that you tell the world that you don't give a damn. Which is okay when you do journalistic work, but when you work in the corporate world, you wear a suit. Have you got one?

Scott: One. For weddings and funerals.

Victor: Wear it.

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