Y&R Best Lines Monday 5/8/17

Y&R Best Lines Monday 5/8/17


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Devon: [Sighs] I guess you're not gonna sneak out on me, still dressed like that.

Mariah: I just had to see if I was dreaming, like maybe this is the part in the dream that you think is real, but then you look at the sun and it's blue with pink polka dots.

Devon: There's polka dots in your dreams? That's cool.

Mariah: [Laughs] I just sounded ridiculous. I'm not that person, the kind of person that gets gooey and poetic after one amazing night in bed.

Devon: Well, don't tell her that. Leave that part out. But you can shower here. We can conserve some water if you'd like to.

Mariah: Hmm. I am all about water conservation at the moment.

Devon: Yeah?

Mariah: But that would make me even more late, and as it is, I have to go home and get a change of clothes.

Devon: Why?

Mariah: Because that's where my closet is.

Devon: You can grab something from here. There's plenty of stuff left behind.

Mariah: How can you be so smart and yet so dumb at the same time? [Chuckling] Wear Hilary's clothes in front of her? Are you crazy?

Devon: It's like a bunch of stuff with the tags still left on it. If she cared about them that much, she wouldn't have left them behind.

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