Y&R Best Lines Monday 5/1/17

Y&R Best Lines Monday 5/1/17


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Nikki: And then we had a nice, long catch-up chat.

Jack: So there's no reason to have a fit of jealousy. Nikki's my ex-wife. She happens to be my favorite ex-wife, but my ex-wife nonetheless. We had some wonderful years, and the time I spent with her raising Nicholas and Victoria are among the happiest of my life. And then, of course, you came back and ruined it all.

Victor: You give me entirely too much credit, Jack Abbott. As I say again, you've always been capable of ruining all on your own whatever's good in your life.

Jack: You, my dear, should be nominated for sainthood.

Cane: Yeah, I mean, you know, think about it. Like, take you for example. Okay, you know, here you are, you're pulling out the chairs, refilling the drinks, and taking care of the ladies...

Billy: Are you saying I have a bright future as a maître d'?

Cane: All right, this is not a cheap shot, all right? I'm being genuinely serious with you, because now I have an opportunity to see why the ladies like you so much. You know, because you have this charm and this gift of the gab and, you know, you and I may have this, you know, competitive thing we do at work, but you know what? At the end of the day, we are on the same team, you know what I mean?

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