Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 4/25/17

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 4/25/17


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Scott: You know, I was just thinking about going out for a walk.

Lauren: Yeah? Well, listen, if I'm disturbing you with work, I'm -- I'm sorry.

Scott: Nope. I just wish I could get paid for staring at a blank screen.

Lauren: Is everything okay?

Scott: Never better. Uh, well, I mean, there's something that I -- never mind.

Lauren: What? Tell me.

Scott: You know, I've just been feeling kind of lonely. I was hoping you could set me up with one of your, uh, your girlfriends.

Ravi: Victor has a reputation for being ruthless, but to his own children?

Ashley: Oh, yeah. If you don't bend to his will or sometimes you might disappoint him, he'll treat you just like any other employee or business rival. Probably worse, actually, because you're family and you should know better.

Ravi: Who would want to live and work in an environment like that?

Ashley: I did. Twice.

Ravi: That still blows my mind that you were married to Victor Newman.

Ashley: [Chuckles] Yeah, mine, too, sometimes. See, I thought I could change him with my love.

Ravi: But it didn't?

Ashley: No. It's basically Victor's world, and you just choose to live in it or not. My fear is that Abby is immersing herself in it completely.

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