Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 4/18/17

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 4/18/17


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Ravi: And, uh, what do you do, if you don't mind me asking?

Ashley: My sister is a very successful novelist.

Traci: Oh.

Ravi: Wow. How fascinating. I'm sorry. I'm not familiar with your work. I actually do read a lot, so I'm very embarrassed to admit that.

Traci: [Chuckles] No. No. I-I haven't published anything for some time. And I write mostly romance, so that's probably a genre you're not into. But I'm working on a project right now that you might enjoy.

Ashley: What's it about?

Traci: It's historical fiction.

Ravi: Cool. That's my favorite, aside from sci-fi.

Traci: [Laughs] I'll tell you what I'll do. As soon as my editor has had the last word, I will send you a galley copy. How would that be?

Ravi: Really?

Traci: Yeah.

Ravi: I would love that. Thank you.

Sharon: Yeah, my ex-husband stopped by to tell me that we'll be sharing custody of our daughter again. She's been staying at her grandparents' the last few months, but now she's coming home.

Scott: And by grandparents, you mean Victor and Nikki.

Sharon: I'm not sure how much Nick told you about Faith.

Scott: Besides her being the most brilliant child the world has ever known?

Sharon: [Chuckles] Uh, well, I'd have to agree with that, yeah.

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