Y&R Best Lines Friday 4/14/17

Y&R Best Lines Friday 4/14/17


Provided By Eva

Tessa: That is one happy kid.

Noah: [Chuckles] Yeah. What about you? Do you have any groupies yet?

Tessa: Oh, actually, they're waiting outside. But I told them tonight's all about reed, so...

Noah: Oh, that's nice of you.

Noah: Well, reed's having a blast. Why don't you take a break? I'll make you an iced tea, and we can talk about Tessa's future albums.

Nikki: Really? Well, that's an interesting prospect.

Tessa: Well, there's no album, but thank you.

Noah: No reason not to plan ahead. Uh, what would you call it?

Tessa: [Sighs] Um... "wanderlust" feels good. I'm always wandering in my mind, in the music. Wow, that sounds so pretentious. [Chuckles]

Nikki: I think it sounds lovely.

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