Y&R Best Lines Thursday 4/13/17

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 4/13/17


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Scott: Sort of a last-minute romantic getaway.

Phyllis: [Chuckles] Those two lovebirds. They make me sick. I'm kidding. It's good. I think it's good they spend time with each other. That's good.

Scott: Does she need that tonight?

Phyllis: Uh, well, if I say yes, will you drive to chi-town and give it to her?

Scott: You know what? Yes. I'm actually going to leave right now. I won't even change.

Scott: Oh, no. Just a journal entry. You know, a friend of mine, he, uh, had his heart broken by a, uh, woman who turned out to be a murderer.

Phyllis: Kevin and Chloe?

Scott: You cracked my code.

Phyllis: Ah, I'm smart like that. Have the police found any leads?

Scott: No. She just up and vanished. There's no, uh, ATM withdrawals, no hotel rooms.

Phyllis: I cannot believe that girl has not used her credit card. She loves to shop.

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