Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 4/12/17

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 4/12/17


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Jack: Kevin's a survivor. He'll find a way through this. He will.

Gloria: No one should have to see their child suffer. It's the worst kind of hell. But at least my son is alive. Victor just found out that his was murdered.

Jack: Save your sympathy and tears for Kevin. They're wasted on Victor. Talk about dead inside.

Gloria: You really think he feels nothing for his children?

Jack: I think the people in his family are possessions that he can control or dispose of when they're no longer of use.

Billy: You know, it's normal to be nervous about your driving test.

Reed: I know, um, but could we not talk about it? I just don't want to, like, jinx it or anything.

Billy: There's no such thing as jinxing! On a related note, your mother's spine is completely unaffected by stepping on cracks.

Reed: I know, right? And the tooth fairy doesn't exist, either.

Billy: Huh?

Reed: You're so easy.

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