Y&R Best Lines Thursday 3/23/17

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 3/23/17


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Gloria: You're mad at Billy and Victoria because they tricked you. They made you eat a little crow with your college buddy, and now I'm supposed to stand here and keep my mouth shut so you can take your frustrations out on me?

Jack: Your mouth shut might be a real improvement.

Gloria: No! You didn't get to where you are by dwelling on your setbacks and carrying grudges. That's all this thing was! That deal. So you could stick it to Billy. Well, you listen to me. The good news. This little fiasco got you to focus on revitalizing the men's line. You have got all the research right here in front of you that I did. We can push forward on this. We can do great things. And then, in your spare time, lots of opportunities to stick it to baby brother for what he did to you.

Victoria: You can leave those reports anywhere, Becky.

Gloria: It's not Becky.

Victoria: [Scoffs] How did you get in here?

Gloria: Through this door.

Victoria: Well, don't let it hit you on the way out.

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