Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 3/22/17

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 3/22/17


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Chelsea: No! No. It wasn't a bad idea. I've spent enough hours in this place, in this room in particular, sitting alone in the dark feeling miserable, enough to fill up a lifetime -- thinking about Adam, thinking about what happened, and the future we almost had and now don't. And the truth is, I want to go out. I love going out, especially with you. I don't want to wallow anymore.

Nick: So you do want to go out? I'm confused.

Chelsea: Here's the thing. If we go out, we're gonna bump into people, and they're gonna see that I'm...a little off, and they're going to ask about Adam, inevitably, and then come, you know, the pity eyes and the kind words and the gentle hands on the shoulder, and listen, people mean well. It's really nice, but...

Nick: But then you want to snap their arms off. I get it.

Chelsea: Exactly.

Kevin: Should I check on Chloe? I should, shouldn't I?

Scott: She's okay. She's buzzed but not too loaded.

Kevin: Well, she's no bigger than a shot glass. She goes from buzzed to fully loaded in one sip.

Scott: Eh, Chloe's lucid. She was actually talking about you two. I mean, you've been there and stood by us through a lot of difficulties.

Kevin: I am an amazing person, it's true. You have both been through a lot. Also true.

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