Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 3/21/17

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 3/21/17


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Jack: Any calls?

Gloria: Yeah, uh, Jake from R&D called, about the after-shave balm, needs yet another extension. Blah, blah, blah. Mrs. Greer called. What a piece of work she is.

Jack: Maybe without the running commentary?

Gloria: Oh, yeah, and that TV gal you like so much. She called.

Jack: Hilary?

Gloria: How many TV gals do you know, Mr. Abbott? She wanted to thank you for the advice.

Jack: Give me 10 minutes, and I'll return these calls.

Gloria: You know something, I am just a little bit curious. What golden nugget of wisdom did you throw at that little scamp?

Jack: None of your concern, Gloria.

Gloria: Want my advice?

Jack: Not at all.

Gloria: Do not trust that modern-day Hedda Hopper.

Chelsea: Oh, no! I was supposed to meet nick like 20 minutes ago at the underground. Hey, you.

Nick: Little hand's on the 8, big hand's on the 4.

Chelsea: I know, I know. I just need a little more time.

Nick: You still at work?

Chelsea: No, I'm home. I kind of lost track of time. Um, but I'm home now. Long day.

Nick: Well, stay there. I'll come to you.

Chelsea: That would be great. And bring food.

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