Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 3/7/17

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 3/7/17


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Ashley: No, take it away! I've sworn off sugar!

Abby: Even when it's hand delivered by your darling daughter?

Ashley: Yes, even then.

Abby: Okay, fine. I won't tempt you.

Ashley: Well, we wouldn't want to waste it, would we? [Chuckles] Thank you.

Abby: You're welcome.

Ashley: What prompted this deliciousness?

Abby: Gratitude. I want to say thank you for the advice you gave me about working for dad.

Devon: Yeah. Pretty much covered it. I really wonder what, uh, Katherine would say about me and Hilary.

Jill: Ha. If she was being honest, she would tell you about all the mistakes she made in her life.

Devon: Like what?

Jill: She was once married to a very, very good man, and I would venture to say that she treated him worse than Hilary treated you. And you know, the most cruel and hurtful thing about her was that she let her ego get in the way all the time. She never could admit that she was wrong, not until the day she was dying.

Devon: I don't want to get to that point before I figure my own life out.

Jill: You nearly died in that car accident, okay? What did that teach you?

Devon: To never waste another second.

Jill: So if you went back to Hilary, would it be a joy or a waste?

Devon: Hmm. You almost died with your heart attack. Did you learn anything from it?

Jill: [Sighs] Yeah. Same as you. We can't afford to waste one single precious moment.

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