Y&R Best Lines Monday 3/6/17

Y&R Best Lines Monday 3/6/17


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Chelsea: Okay. Well, good luck.

Nick: So I'll call you later?

Chelsea: Oh, a phone call. I thought everybody just text these days.

Nick: Ohhh. Not this guy. This guy right here is strictly old school.

Chelsea: Oh. All right. Bye

Jill: I'm touched by how driven you are to repay me, okay? At least I was until I realized that you had, in actual fact, robbed me a second time to come up with the cash to do it. The key, Colin. The key to Katherine's safe deposit box, the one she meant for me.

Jill: You opened Katherine's safe deposit box, and you found the letter. Now, you could have destroyed the letter, but you didn't. See, that was your fatal flaw. You figured you'd just slip it in my mailbox and you would assuage your guilt and I would be none the wiser. And that might have worked if it hadn't been for Murphy.

Colin: Murphy? What possible reason could --

Jill: Well, I found out that Murphy didn't put it in my letter box. I also found out where the letter had been waiting for me all those years since Katherine died. Is this starting to jog your memory a little bit? Now, I don't know how you got your grubby, little hands on that box, but you did. So, you used the key, discovered the letter, but that wasn't all you found in there, was it? There was something else in there, something that Katherine meant for me to have. Something that was worth... oh, I don't know... maybe about that much!

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