Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 3/1/17

Y&R Best Lines Wednesday 3/1/17


Provided By Eva

Esther: This one has a story about that singer... um... oh, geez, what was her name? You know, she wrote all the songs about her exes? Well, anyway, she went on vacation, she got stung by a jellyfish, and she fell in love.

Jill: Wow, that sounds like a number-one hit.

Esther: Ooh. Sexy lumberjacks from the northwest. I'll just hang on to that one. Oh!

Jill: [Clears throat] Put them down. Put them down and leave because I'm going to rest now. [Clears throat]

Esther: Hungry?

Jill: No!

Esther: Thirsty?

Jill: Esther! I want to take a nap, okay? And I can't do it with you staring at me like this.

Esther: Okay. I'll go.

Lily: You know what? The twins are gonna be very upset when I tell them.

Jill: Tell them what?

Lily: That because Grandma Jill didn't listen to the doctor and got stressed about work, she had another heart attack and she died.

Jill: [Wheezes] Wow. You went really dark really fast there. Okay, fine. I promise. No more business calls. But you have to promise me, please don't tell Esther that you caught me.

Lily: No, your secret is safe with me, but if I catch you again...

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