Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 2/28/17

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 2/28/17


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Lily: [Sighs] You know what? Look, here. This is all the cash that I have. Maybe you can go to the thrift store and buy back whatever's left.

Colin: I... that's very nice of you. Uh...

Lily: If I didn't offer it, you'd probably go in my purse and take it out anyway, so at least this way the money is helping people. Go ahead.

Colin: You're... you're very generous. I, uh... I promise I'll -- I'll pay it all back.

Lily: It's fine. Just consider it a gift.

Colin: You've gone above and beyond putting up with me. And I know I've destroyed your trust time and time again and just wreak havoc on the family.

Lily: There are moments when you seem like the perfect husband and a great father and grandfather, and then you turn around and you do what you did to Jill. Now, look, I don't think that you mean to hurt people. It's just how it works out. And unfortunately, Jill almost paid the ultimate price for it.

Billy: Yeah, thank you. I'm proud of me, too. How's everything with Reed?

Victoria: Oh, well, brace yourself, because you were right.

Billy: What? I was right about something? No way.

Victoria: Way. I asked reed to pay the guitar for me last night. He's really talented.

Billy: I told you. He's really good.

Victoria: I promised that I would find him a teacher to help him work on his music.

Billy: Cool. Sounds like a whole, new chapter for you two.

Victoria: I gave him back his guitar, but that's it for now. No phone, no internet, and he's still grounded, so we'll see how he does with this privilege before I let him out of the penalty box.

Billy: Baby steps, right?

Victoria: That's right, baby steps.

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