Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 2/14/17

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 2/14/17


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Phyllis: [Laughs] And error and error and error, which is why I'm very appreciative of you explaining things to me, especially tonight. I thought maybe you'd have plans of your own.

Ravi: No, Valentine's Day is just a greeting card holiday. Forced romance isn't the real thing. Hey, uh, should we order? The bartender keeps looking over at us.

Phyllis: Uh, that's no bartender. That's my ex-husband.

Ravi: Well, how -- how many -- how many, um, [Clears throat] -- How many exes do you have?

Phyllis: Not as many as Ashley, but, you know, there's still time. Nick, Chelsea, meet my friend, Ravi Shapur.

Nick: It's more -- you know what? I'll tell you what. We're gonna let you guys get back to your, uh, misery in dating.

Phyllis: [Laughs] Ravi's gonna help me crack the code.

Chelsea: If you can solve the world's dating problems, you are going to be a very rich, very popular man.

Ravi: Well, a dating app isn't a video game. In real life, it will always come down to plain, old chemistry. Chemistry. That is a mystery. I, for one, am glad for that. Cheers. Cheers.

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