Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 2/7/17

Y&R Best Lines Tuesday 2/7/17


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Victoria: Well, my humor is exhausted, as is my patience. Uh, but I did notice that you managed to leave Christian with the nanny.

Nick: Yeah. Yeah, the, uh, separation anxiety is getting better every day. Of course, Christian was cool already.

Victoria: Well, you want to be with your son, I get it. But 14 short years from now...

Nick: Yeah, I know, I'm gonna want to go running out of the room. Been there, done that.

Victoria: Did Reed actually think that I wouldn't see a bill on my credit card for adult websites? I mean...

Nick: It doesn't sound like he was thinking at all. Just sounds like, you know, pure primal urges.

Victoria: Oh, stop! Oh, please. I can't. I mean, please. He was my little boy and now he's...

Nick: [Deep voice] Becoming a man.

Victoria: Why did I even come here?

Nick: Because I have two grown children and you respect my fatherly wisdom. You also knew that I would never judge you.

Victoria: The second one. But I probably shouldn't even be bothering you right now. I mean, you're a single father with a new toddler and you have enough on your plate.

Nick: I do have plenty. That is true.

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