Y&R Best Lines Thursday 1/26/17

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 1/26/17


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NIKKI: Um, I want to talk about that in a minute. First, we're going to deal with this nonsense of you thinking you're a cold person.

Victoria: Well, that's what Reed said, after he accused me of being mean. And an ice queen.

Nikki: What'd you do to him?

Victoria: Why does everybody immediately assume that I'm the one at fault?

Nikki: What do you mean? Who's everybody?

Victoria: Do you know what I did to him, mom? I did what my son asked me to do. I left him in charge of his brother and sister, and when I got him, do you know what he was doing?

Nikki: Something involving a girl.

Victoria: He was making out with -- how did you know that?

Nikki: I've raised teenagers, dear. 10 years... ...that took 30 off my life.

Victoria: It's reasonable for me to think that Reed would realize that there's a time and a place for that kind of thing, and it's not when he's got his little brother and sister upstairs.

Nikki: Well, what time or place would you prefer?

Victoria: I don't know, mom. In the privacy of his own home. With his wife. After he's gotten his doctorate.

Nikki: Oh, I see. So he should be at least 30.

Victoria: Is that really too much for me to ask? Oh, I see. You think that I'm overreacting. I get it.

Dylan: Do you know how often I thought about you? How much I missed you? Do you like it?

Sharon: Yeah. I'll get used to it. I'm glad you closed the curtains and locked the doors because... we're gonna stay in this house our whole lives.

Dylan: Yeah? What are we gonna live on? Love?

Sharon: We could. We have enough of it to last us.

Dylan: Yeah, from this lifetime on into the next.

Sharon: I just want to stay in this -- in this world of us for a whole day or a week. But I know it's selfish, not calling anyone and tell them you're here. I mean, everyone's missed you so much -- the kids and Nikki and even Kevin.

Dylan: Kevin just missed me bribing him with doughnuts, that's all.

Sharon: I don't want anyone intruding on this moment.

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