Y&R Best Lines Thursday 1/19/17

Y&R Best Lines Thursday 1/19/17


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Michael: Tickets to the Cavaliers versus Bucks.

Kevin: Why? Are these strings? You want Gloria to live with me forever. Nope. Take them back. Wait. Now take them back.

Michael: This is not a bribe. It's a thank-you. Nothing more. You opened your home to Gloria.

Kevin: And it's been going swell, really. Thanks for basically giving me no choice.

Michael: But you're handling it so well. Even paying for yoga classes at the club for her. Brilliant.

Kevin: Well, we told her we wanted her to stay lithe and limber for suitors. Then I dunked my head in bleach.

Michael: For a good cause. Family harmony.

Kevin: Oh, yeah, my home is incredibly harmonious with Gloria and Chloe. You know what, these tickets will help, though, or at least get me out of the house for the night.

Michael: Since when does Ashley Abbott cause you to second-guess yourself?

Phyllis: This is not about me. This is about Fenmore's. This is about your wife. I want to help her and the company in any way I can, and getting sued is not in the helpful category.

Michael: Look at you, being all conscientious. You know what? Thank you. Lauren is hopeful, and that makes me grateful.

Phyllis: Well, you know what? I hope that your friend Craig comes through. We need him and his bank account.

Michael: He's a straight shooter. If he says he wants to invest, he's not playing games. I was just afraid Gloria was gonna muck things up before the deal was final.

Phyllis: Why? How? Come on, you just made me feel better about Ashley, and now you're making me freak out about Gloria. What kind of friend are you?

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